Welcome to the Mathematics of Music!

This site is here to inform anyone interested all about how mathematics is intertwined with music; from the strange math of intervals and notation, to the very strict rules of time signatures and rhythms (and the breaking of them) and tempo (i.e quarter=120), as well as the instruments used to measure it, and finally some discussion of the effects that music has on the math skills of listeners and players, and vice-versa.

Please be warned however!! I am NOT an official source on this information. This is simply a grade 12 math project, and is unlikely to be published in any official music journals or whatever. Having said that, I introduce a number of variables, formulas and equations, which to the best of my knowledge ARE correct. BUT trust me, the variables are not correct. They are just somewhat random letters that I selected, and although the formulas should work, there is probably more correct versions of them out there. Thanks!